Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bring on Oscar Season & A Reel Escape!

When I read about CineMamas in the Boston Parents paper, I was elated. Founded in 2012, by two local Moms, Gina Saltonstall and Lori Cohen, who wanted to create a fun, no-pressure mid week retreat, CineMamas is a movie club for Moms who need a break once/month for a few hours. Kind of like a book club but you don’t have to read anything, prep your house, make a meal, buy wine for everyone or clean up. And you come as you are. No getting dressed up, nametags, or forced small talk. Okay you got me. 
I firmly believe every Mom deserves to take time out and focus on herself to maintain her mental health. Usually when I try to do this however, I lose the intended “me-time” by succumbing to the unrelenting pull of the practical, the time-sucking and the mundane: grocery shopping, housekeeping, laundry, yard work, car repair, child care, pet care, husband care – you get the picture.  
"CineMamas is a membership based movie club in Metrowest Boston devoted to an audience that deserves to take time for a 'Reel Escape.' explains Gina. "Sitting in a dark theatre taking in the story unfolding on the huge screen transforms you to a different space. Your mind gets to re-boot and I guarantee you'll leave the theater calmer, with a smile on your face. We've created a wonderful network of fun women who understand the importance of taking a few hours out of the month for themselves.”  

“About 4 years ago we experienced pure bliss one morning as we sat together and were whisked away to another time and place. As we walked out of the theater we were giddy, as if we had snuck away on a mini retreat,” explains Lori. “We were amazed at the lasting positive impact of spending a morning together at the movies.”

Lori + Gina = Brilliant
Membership includes a once a month, new release feature movie during a private 10:00 a.m. show at the spacious AMC Framingham Cinema. The price of a membership includes a 25% savings off the regular ticket price, there is no need to RSVP - just come as you are. 

As this is a pampering escape, there are always extra treats as well. (They've included coffee and homemade baked treats, gift bags, and fun prize drawings.)  And if you can’t make it to the private morning screening, you can show your membership card and be admitted for free to an evening show for the same movie. And get this: if there’s a snow day on the date of a scheduled showing, the feature film will be changed to something kid-friendly and children will be admitted for free. 

In addition, CineMamas donates a percentage of all memberships to a local charity and we're honored they've chosen the Ellie Fund for 2013! "As women, we are most likely taking care of others' needs, so CineMamas gives Lori and me the chance to take a little extra care of you." explains Gina.
So let's get Red Carpet Ready with CineMamas!  Just in time for the Oscars, the next movie is Thursday, January 17, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. for the Oscar nominated Les Miserables. To learn more, visit