Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Friday! Ellie Fund patient update that makes us smile!

At least once a week (if not more) we receive a thank you card, call or email from a patient or family member who we have helped. This is hands down one of the best parts about coming to work and doing what we do. We are also so lucky because so many people want to give back and help the Ellie Fund when they are able. 

We want to thank all of those patients who share their stories with us and wish all the families we help the very best. 

Here is a wonderful update from Michele, a woman that we helped by providing grocery and gas cards, as well as prepared and healthy meals through our Dish and Deliver Program. 

We are so happy you're doing well Michele!

Well, yesterday I said goodbye to my radiation family and friends! It's hard to believe I am finally done. The staff there was so wonderful, so friendly and positive, from the receptionists to the radiation therapists. I still have to continue with the "My Girls" cream for at least 2 weeks, which makes me wonder if I am that radioactive inside!!It seemed strange today not going there. But this phase of treatment is over. Next I have follow up bloodwork, scans, mammogram and doctors visits. They are spread out through the end of June which is so nice not to have to go to the hospital every day. I know it sounds strange but during radiation I lost 6 pounds as with chemo I was up 1. So now I need to focus on increasing my strenght, endurance AND weight.
There are SO many people I owe thanks to. Fighting something like breast cancer certainly takes a village. I am not sure why it is so hard for us to accept help sometimes, thinking we can do it all no matter what. It might have taken a while, but once I accepted help (and stopped feeling guilty about it!) the every day things were so much easier. I used to be the Queen of thank you notes but that has certainly fallen by the wayside! Please know for those of you that set up housecleaning services, dinners, flowers, gift cards, rides for Nicholas, constant cards and well wishes just how much they were appreciated. Although it might not have seemed like a big deal to you please know how big a deal it was to me. It was so nice not to have to think/worry about a dirty house or dinner or how Nicholas was going to get to a hockey or baseball practice. (That just made me realize that this journey has gone through 2 sport seasons!)
I also want to ackwowledge the Ellie Fund and its' coordinator Gail Fine. They have been SO generous with food/gas gift cards and Dish and Deliver meals (which were delicious!) It all just made life a little easier when going through a tough time. It also took a little pressure off of Paul and Nicholas who were forced into extra duty! And how can I thank Kim enough and her family for letting me borrow her so often! She has held my hand thru all my treatments, listened to my fears and shared in my laughter and tears. We have always been close but this shared journey has brought our relationship up another level - how could it not. I am so lucky to have a sister who is also my best friend!
Thank you for everything. Your messages on this blog have helped me get through the dark days, and made the sunny days even better. I have learned so much throughout this journey but nothing more important than how truly blessed I am to have such wonderful family and friends.

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